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Green Mark Audit

BCA Green Mark provides a meaningful differentiation of buildings. The benefits of having a BCA Green Mark building include:
  • A reduction in water and energy bills
  • An improvement in indoor environmental quality for healthy living and
  • A reduction in potential negative impact on the environment.
BCA Green Mark seeks to build a sustainable environment for one and all, in a hope to create ‘Green Homes’ for all to enjoy.

If you are working towards achieving Green Mark Certification for your building/facilities, we have BCA certified Green Mark Manager who can help you to identify areas where you can work on to achieve the desired BCA Green Mark Certification ( i.e. GM Certified, GM Gold, GM Gold Plus, or GM Platinum).

We will recommend the types of modifications/improvements needed, and help you to fine tune all your systems( inclusive of water, energy, air handling and In-door air quality ) so as to meet the BCA GM certification requirements.