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Boiler control optimization and retrofitting

Modern Combustion Systems have to achieve a whole lot more than merely converting fuels for power generation, heating or process engineering. It has to be safe, economically and ecologically efficient. Only an optimally adjusted and controlled burner will be saving on fuel and have little adverse effect on the environment, therefore saving on cost.

We have partnered with Lamtec, a German company, to offer equipment that provides extremely precise combustion control and makes it possible to achieve maximum thermal power on heat output using minimum energy ( fuel, electrical energy ) and with minimum emission of pollutants.

We are able to offer the following products:
  • Burner Control System
  • Flame monitoring
  • Oxygen Measurement and control
  • CO/H2 monitoring
  • Operation and alarm Indicator Devices
  • Differential pressure volume flow transducer and service
  • Optimization of a steam boiler plant with O2 regulation and CO regulation
  • O2,H2,CO2 temperature and combustion efficiency measurement