Our Services
Measurement and Verification of Chillers and Air-con systems, and their optimization

Typically, many chiller plants are designed for optimum operating efficiency only at full load, and the cooling towers and condenser systems are sized and set-up for maximum load operation and design conditions. There will be large amount of energy losses due to reduced efficiency in operation when the chiller plants are operating at part load. Money will be spent for energy generated and not being utilized.

However, it is now possible to fine tune chiller plant systems to operate at maximum efficiency at part load. Properly matching all the component operations under various load and operating conditions will save significant amount of energy. In many cases, total average annual energy savings of 25% are possible.

To help you achieve a chiller plant that will be optimized to run even at part load, we will work closely with you on the followings:
  1. Check on the existing chiller plant operation with regard to finding energy saving potentials
  2. Identify any energy losses through faulty building/air handling design
  3. Provide a recommendation for energy savings and elimination/reduction of energy losses
  4. Retrofitting of the chiller plant for better energy efficiency
  5. Repair and maintenance of the chiller plant
Our aim is to walk away from you with your satisfaction that you have achieved the optimum operating efficiency for your chiller plant under your operating and loading conditions, and money saved that will reduce your operating costs.