We can help you to reduce the cost of maintenance
Energy Audits are carried to buildings, process & equipments
BCA Green Mark provides reduction in energy bills
Typically, many chiller plants are designed only at full load
Modern Combustion System needs more power
Photovoltaics converts solar energy into electrical energy
LEDs are used to replace existing systems in all Industries
We can help to perform energy audit and optimization

Welcome to CETech
CE TECH PTE LTD is a versatile company providing premium services in the following areas:
  • Energy Efficiency Consultancy/Energy Audit/Green Mark Audit
  • Measurement and Verification of Chillers and Air-con systems, and their optimization
  • Boiler Controls Optimization and Retrofitting
  • Renewable Energy (Photovoltaics)
  • LED Lightings
  • Process Plant Engineering Services
We know the needs of our customers well and have the connections and expertise to provide fast, accurate, and reliable products and services to meet their requirements.